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Flashpoker Features V2
fastest, avatar and facebook enabled

Introduction is a browser multiplayer game about Poker Texas Holde'em e 5 cards Draw.
It is completly automatic, server-less e you dont need to download anything on your pc to play.
You need only to enter, login and play easy.

Flashpoker is composed by a Client and Server Side.
The server is developed in PHP5 and uses database MySql.
The Client is developed in Flash Actionscript 2.0.
The server side model is OOP MVC (Model View Control) design pattern.
Is there a installazione Wizard that allow to you to install easly and faster the application online directly.
With backoffice you are able to manage:
Players, Tables, Rooms, Optimize DB Tables, View Logs, send Newsletter and Reset the game.

Each table can have 6, 8, 10 players and Texas Holdem or 5 Cards Draw rules.

The application is multilanguage and it is easy to translate in each language you want.

Minimum Server Features:
Linux/Windows Server (IIS Apache)
Apache 2.0
Flash Action Script 2.0
Memcached daemon (optional)

Number of concurrent users depends from the bandwidth and server hardware.

CACHE System:
Session and memcache (optional) are used by the system in order to optimize connections and performance.

PHP Settings:
The poker application does not need any particular modification to php.ini
This system works perfectly also on an hosting provider (demo is on Aruba).

Errors handling and Client/Server Protocol:
Protocol should be XML o JSON crypted.
Each hand will be stored on the Database and a log file viewable in backoffice.

Other Informations:
Is able to introduce a cron process as single process that will update each tables status.

Source code of server application contains variables, methods and classes that have english call and a detailed description.
in PHPDoc-style.
Il Client is developed in "dummy" MovieClips style, so easly to edit and change graphics objects.

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